How to Have Outdoor Sex For Most Adventurous Orgasms Yet
Gigi Engle

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash
Sex outside is thrilling! Well, it is summertime and the living is sexy. It’s the perfect time of year to get your booty outside to get some booty in places unknown. Here is how to have sex outdoors for your most adventurous orgasms yet!

Sex: Dress for success
The first thing to consider when attempting outdoor sex is what you’re going to wear. Summer is the perfect time of year to have sex outside because it is warm outside and therefore, there is very little clothing involved. The less clothes you have on, the easier it is to pull off sex outside.
A summer dress is perfect for this kind of adventurous experience. If possible, wear something light and long so your partner can lift it up with ease. You don’t want to be fumbling with your clothes when you’re trying to have a quickie in the woods, you know?
“The biggest suggestion I could make would be to choose your clothing carefully, something you can easily take off and put back on. For women, long dresses or skirts are perfect for this. For guys, shorts you can easily pull down and pull up again,” Rowett says.
Don’t wear any panties underneath your dress. You want to make sure there is, um, easy access. The best part about a light summer maxi dress is that if someone comes too close, you can always pull it down really quickly and pretend to be bird watching (or whatever).

Choose the right location for Outdoor-Sex
Having outdoor sex is fun … but it doesn’t come without downfalls. You might like the thrill of the idea of getting caught, but if you do get caught you could get fined (or even arrested). That is demonstrably not sexy.
To avoid this type of conflict, choose the right place to have this outdoor sex. “I would first make sure no one is around, or if that is part of the intrigue, that at least there is some sort of distance or protection from the crowds. Maybe you’re behind a tree, or on a balcony above everyone.” Ghose says.
You want to be sure you’re shaded enough to avoid getting in trouble. Having outdoor sex is all fun and games until someone is in handcuffs, so proceed with extreme caution.

Bring a safety blanket
If you don’t have a private balcony or some other outdoor-but-private area at your disposal, be sure to bring a blanket. “Take something to cover the ground, like a blanket. You can’t relax and enjoy if you’re freaking out if you’re going to get grass or mud stains,” says Rowett. You want to always come prepared for outdoor sex. Have sex standing up can be super challenging. Having a blanket on hand makes for a wide range of sexy options. Who says you can’t do it in doggy style outside? Another reason a blanket is a good idea is for fast coverups. If you’re getting it on and suddenly hear people approaching, you can throw if over yourselves and hide your naughty behavior

Outdoor Sex? Keep it simple!
As fun as outdoor sex can be, now is not the time to whip out the crazy positions you’ve been dying to try since you read that one article on spicing up your sex life. Having sex outside is risky … and illegal. So, you want to keep is simple and quick. Quckies can be super fun. Enjoy yourselves.
Try easier positions such as missionary, standing doggy style, or whatever your go-to position might be. If you want to have some oral sex, that’s totally on the table, you just want to be sure you’re being cautious. If you’re receiving, pay attention to your surroundings and keep an eye out for passersby.
Don’t forget your practical gear
Just because you spontaneously have outdoor sex doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. So don’t just think about your picnic, sun cream and champagne on your next trip to the countryside – also think about your lubricant and your favourite toy. Happy summer adventure boinking!

We-Vibe Moxie
With the Moxie you can heat each other up on the way there. The small panty vibrator sits unobtrusively in the slip and can be controlled via app. Ideal to get in the mood.

Womanizer Liberty
The perfect clitoris stimulator with Pleasure Air Technology for on the way. It has a hygienic travel cap and six well-balanced intensity levels, which are sure to make you lose your mind


November 04, 2021

Sit back, relax, massage, and switch.

Couples who participated in a three week study of mutual massaging saw great results in not only physical, but emotional improvement.
Psychologist Sayuri Naruse of Northumbria University states: “These findings show massage can be a simple and effective way for couples to improve their physical and mental well-being while showing affection for one another.”
Since studies have shown that couples tend to cope with stress as a pair, addressing that stress through the act of massage proved to help relational stability.
No experience necessary: even without little to no training of massage therapy, the study showed positive outcomes for participants, even inspiring 74% of the group to continue the mutual practice.
Aside from well-known benefits of receiving a massage including stress reduction, pain/muscle tension relief, Naruse also notes that “massage is a cost effective and pleasant intervention that isn’t just for a therapeutic setting but can be easily incorporated into a healthy couple’s daily routine.”
Though benefits for giving a massage are less known, research suggests there are physiological changed associated with happiness from helping others along with a sense of calm.
Make the experience even sweeter by experimenting with an array of oils, lotions, and certain foods (if you’re feeling ambitious).

Make Sex Inclusive: How to think outside the binary in the bedroom

Some traditions are great. Getting flowers on Valentine’s Day or enjoying the first slice of cake on your birthday are always fun. But when it comes to getting intimate, some traditional mindsets might just be holding you back.

Thinking outside the box (and old-school binary constructs) is vital in this day and age. However you identify, being informed and open-minded towards sex is not only healthy for your potential partners, but also for you too.

What does it mean to identify as non-binary?
Growing up, we’re often taught to think of people as either male or female. However, for some people, this just doesn’t represent how they feel and identify. Take for example, someone who has a gender that blends different facets of being a man or a woman. Rather than feeling comfortable being represented by the term male or female, they might identify independently of these terms, or as non-binary. People are diverse and should be able to choose how they want to represent themselves. For that reason, there are quite a few different terms by which people, who do not identify as male or female, can describe themselves. Non-binary is one of the most popular, but there are also people who prefer agender or genderqueer. These terms aren’t interchangeable, instead they all refer to the specific experience of the person using them.

What does non-binary mean when it comes to sex?
The experiences of people who identify as neither male nor female vary, much like the intimate experiences of anyone else. In fact, this question really suggests people might be overthinking it.

What do you do when you are first intimate with any parter?

Communicate. No matter who you’re with and how they identify, communication is always key. Everyone likes different things in the bedroom, and one person’s ultimate turn on might be another person’s complete no-go. By being open and direct from the start, celebrating intimacy with a partner is a much smoother journey.

6 SURPRISING BENEFITS of mutual masturbation.

Sure, playing alone is fun. But why play alone when you an invite your partner to join the fun? Mutual masturbation is one of the most beneficial activities for your relationship and your intimacy. Just check out these six little-known benefits…
#1: What is mutual masturbation? Show and tell!
What is mutual masturbation? Well, it’s masturbating in front of each other! Masturbating in front of your partner allows them to see exactly what you like and learn in a very practical, direct way, exactly how to touch you. Consider it a sexy private tutorial.
#2: Bonding time
Masturbating with your partner is a powerful way to intensify your intimacy and connection, by really allowing yourselves to be vulnerable in one anothers’ presence.
#3: Foreplay fun
Foreplay is often the first thing to fall to the wayside in long-term relationships, and introducing mutual masturbation into the mix is a great way to get it back.
#4: Mutual masturbation orgasm
Watching one another self-pleasure an build enormous sexual tension, leading to more intense orgasms. If that’s not a reason to mutually masturbate, then I don’t know what is!
#5: Lending a hand
Mutual masturbation isn’t just performing self-love together, it’s lending a helping hand! Introduce an exciting new element to your lovemaking by assisting your partner in a very sexy activity. ´
#6: Penetration isn’t everything
Masturbating together is a great way to take the pressure off feeling like you always have to have penetrative sex. You could try a mutual masturbation site for explicit material themed around this fun activity to get some more ideas…
So… why not trying mutual masturbation next time? If you want to extend your experience together, we have some suitable toys:

We-Vibe Vector
Extends the experience of mutual masturbation with anal stimulation: the Vector by We-Vibe is perfect for this. The toy stimulates not only the anal region, but also the perineum.

We-Vibe Melt
The pulsating air pressure of We-Vibe Melt surrounds the clitoris with highly pleasurable sensations, while the beautiful curved design fits perfectly between you in any position.

Womanizer DUO
The Womanizer DUO is a real all-rounder. It stimulates the G-Spot region called as well as the clitoral region – with 12 intensity levels and 12 vibra

Penis rings: 7 reasons you should try one
By Tom Wells

Penis rings are one of the most popular sex toys for men. It’s easy to see why. They are much less intimidating than a prostate massager or anal dildo and they can add to your pleasure during sex and masturbation. Many cock rings can even stimulate your partner during sex as well. But perhaps the biggest attraction is that penis rings can improve erection quality. Meaning you can enjoy solo or couple sex for longer.
Let’s explore some of the main benefits of penis vibrators and why you should give one a try.


We-Vibe Pivot

Erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment

There’s a lot of stigma around ED, but everyone has a right to pleasure. It could be just a one-time thing or a more serious condition but a penis ring is a simple answer to your erection woes. The penis ring slows the flow of blood leaving the penis, keeping you harder for longer. A penis ring will usually give fairly decent results as long as you can get at least partially hard. For more serious conditions, it may need to be combined with a penis pump.
Stronger and longer-lasting erections
Non-ED sufferers can benefit from penis rings, too. Even if you are already completely erect, a cock ring can give you a slightly larger erection as blood is trapped in the penis. Vibrating cock rings can provide stimulation to the erogenous zones like the perineum that can also help keep you aroused for longer.
Boost couple intimacy
Some wearable penis rings such as the Pivot by WeVibe provide clitoral stimulation. Wearing this type of cock ring can increase pleasure for both partners. This means that while the cock rink is stimulating the clitoris. Improved erection quality can also lead to longer and better sex.
Make masturbation more exciting
A vibrating penis ring can heighten pleasure during masturbation. Vibrations can stimulate the penis and add to the enjoyment. You can even try holding the penis ring in your hand while you masturbate, creating a sort of vibrator for men. Start slow and don’t press too hard until you feel comfortable doing this. The vibrations will stimulate the nerve endings of the penis adding to your pleasure.
Explore new erogenous zones
The perineum is the area between balls and anus. It’s highly sensitive and receptive to stimulation. Some penis rings can stimulate this area creating a very new type of sensation. The perineum is a gateway drug, as this it is actually stimulating the prostate indirectly. So if you are not ready to explore directly stimulating the prostate, then a cock ring with perineum stimulation like the Verge is a great way to get a feel for it.
6. Connect from a distance
Some cock rings such as the WeVibe Pivot feature custom remote controls. Through an app, your partner controls when and how you are simulated, all at the touch of a button. This can add some surprise to your relationship and give you partner a pleasant surprise when they are least expecting it.
7. Advanced: Mix and match
Once you are used to the penis ring, the fun doesn’t have to stop. You can combine it with another toy for more sensation. For example, if you combine a penis ring like Verge, that stimulates the perineum with a prostate massager like you may just find the ultimate orgasm.
That’s the great thing about wearables, they are hands-free so you can still use them for something else making them some of the best sex toys for men.
Penis ring guide & safety tips – what to know before you try
Using a penis ring should be fun, but there are a few safety tips you should know before you try it:
Penis ring safety tips:
Always make sure that you keep the toy nice and clean.
Use plenty of lube. Penis rings can be quite a snug fit, and to avoid any unwanted chafing it’s a good idea to use plenty of lube.
As most toys on the market are silicon-based, use a water-based lube such as WeVibe’s to avoid damaging your toy.
How to use a penis ring
How you wear a penis ring depends on the make and model. For example for the Verge by WeVibe this is how to wear it. (Note that while there are adjustable penis rings on the market, the Verge is made of stretchy material, designed to fit automatically.)
Apply a water-based lube to your penis and the ring
Place your testicles through the opening one at a time, before you aroused
Place your penis through the opening
Explore alternative positions, (there are many ways to wear the Verge – so find what works for you)
Choose your vibration mode
Enjoy solo or with a partner
For other penis rings like the Pivot, you may have to place over your penis while erect. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before use.
Start enjoying penis rings today
Whether you are looking to add a little extra spark to your masturbation rituals or help your partner reach climax, penis rings can help. What is the best penis ring for you will ultimately depend on your preferences. The best way is to just dive straight in and try then try it out!

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